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Innovative pharmaceutical companies aim to keep one of the lowest prices in Europe

2020 10 02

Innovative pharmaceutical companies categorically reject the accusations of certain politicians that the prices of medicines have been expressly increased during the elections of Lithuanian Parliament. They call for the improvement of medicine pricing regulation in Lithuania, taking into account global experiences and practices. 

Agnė Gaižauskienė, Director of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry, states that the prices of innovative medicines in Lithuania are already among the lowest in Europe. She invites the Ministry of Health to follow the pricing policy, set by the Ministry itself, or improve it through dialogue with stakeholders. 

“We categorically reject any allegations of expressly increasing the prices. Our goal remains the same - to continue ensuring one of the lowest prices in Europe and innovative medicines access for patients in Lithuania. The insinuations stem from the flawed medicine pricing regulation currently adopted in Lithuania. We strictly follow the pricing regulations, therefore we hope the health system authorities will also adhere to the policies they have set, regardless of the political calendar. At the same time, it is of utmost importance to ensure an actual dialogue with the Ministry of Health on the need to improve the medicine pricing regulation as soon as possible, involving both patients and doctors’ representatives, while taking into account global experiences and practices”, states Gaižauskienė.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Health announced he was asking ten pharmaceutical companies to reduce medicine prices.

According to Gaižauskienė, the ministry has set strict pricing requirements for pharmaceutical companies, referenced to the lowest prices in the European Union.

“Following the pricing regulation, approved by the Ministry of Health, pharmaceutical companies already offer the latest medicines for treating the most complex diseases at exceptionally low prices to Lithuanian market. However, every time before announcing the list of reimbursable medicines, we hear the same request - to further reduce the prices”, says Gaižauskienė.

According to her, pharmaceutical companies maintain constant communication with health institutions, looking for solutions to ensure innovative medicines access to Lithuanian patients, but the consistency of Ministry’s actions and constructive dialogue is lacking.

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