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Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association (IFPA) was established in 1997, after five affiliate offices of international ethical pharmaceutical companies have united their forces for common goals. Currently, IFPA unites 17 members – innovative pharmaceutical companies and their representative offices registered in Lithuania.

IFPA represents innovative pharmaceutical research and manufacturing companies in Lithuania, which support modern and sustainable health system in Lithuania.

  • To improve the health of Lithuanian people by increasing their access to innovative treatment.
  • To implement the principles of ethical conduct and marketing in Lithuanian market.
IFPA is a member of European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), which represents the pharmaceutical industry operating in Europe. Together with other members, IFPA is committed to bringing the focus on the importance of innovative medicines and treatment methods through international campaign #WeWontRest.

More about #WeWontRest campaign.


Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association (IFPA)


Olimpiečių str. 1A-16, LT-09235 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone: +370 5 2121013

E-mail: info@ifpa.lt

Agnė Dalia Gaižauskienė

E-mail: agne.gaizauskiene@ifpa.lt

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